Who We Are 

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The Table des groupes de femmes de Montréal is a regional round table founded in March of 1996. Its mission is to promote and defend the interests of women from a feminist perspective of gender equality. It intervenes in all spheres of social, political, economic and cultural life that may influence women's living conditions in Montreal.


More specifically, the Table works on the following issues:

  • women's health and their role in local and regional health institutions
  • the elimination of violence against women
  • job discrimination, primarily for women facing dual discrimination
  • regional development and women's political representation in decision-making bodies
  • the status of women in municipal structures
  • the accessibility of the Table's activities to disabled women and their participation in civic life.


The Table des groupes de femmes de Montréal is especially active in local and regional development through the research and activities of its Feminist for the Right to the City Committee. One of its primary concerns is increasing the civic and political participation of women in Montreal.

The Table's membership of more than 70 groups is one of its greatest strengths. This membership includes local women's groups and women's committees from unions and community or social groups, among others. The plural and multi-sector characteristics of its membership allow the Table to access a diversity of experiences, concerns and analyses.