Popular education workshops offered by TGFM 

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TGFM can facilitate popular education workshops for your members at your location or even online!

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The Let's Talk About the Right to the City workshop series encourages discussion around feminist perspectives on urban issues. The workshop discussion is organized around ten keywords related to our Feminist Platform for the Right to the City (e.g. affordable housing, sustainable mobility and ecological transition). After presenting a brief definition, the group is invited to share their experiences and questions are asked to avoid blind spots. These discussions address the powers of our governments and feminist actions for the right to the city.
The workshop then leads the participants to choose a key word to think about collective actions to be organized, demands to be made as well as solidarity actions to be taken on a daily basis.
The workshop can address one or more of the themes of the platform of demands: mobility, housing, neighbourhood life and work.
General Objectives
  • To become familiar with urban issues;
  • To generate reflections on feminist perspectives on the right to the city;
  • To become aware of the obstacles to the right to the city.
Specific objectives
  • To be able to share one's own experiences and those of people at the crossroads of oppression;
  • To appropriate the key words of urban issues;
  • To know the feminist actions to take and to demand for the right to the city.
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Health, poverty and discrimination make it more difficult for some women to navigate the health care system than others. Yet health is a fundamental right, right? This workshop explores why some women have more power over their health than others. The group is invited to complete the Health Care Access Wheel and participate in a discussion about the discrimination and oppression experienced by women in the health and social services system.
The Equal Health? workshop can be facilitated by the TGFM team. It can also be facilitated independently in your groups. All workshop content is available on the TGFM website. 
Overall Objectives:
  • To become familiar with inequities in women's access to health care;
  • To generate discussion and reflection about the right to health for all women;
  • To learn about different oppressions and how they manifest themselves in the health care system.
Specific Objectives:
  • To be able to relate personally to these inequalities, discriminations and oppressions;
  • To be able to express oneself on these inequalities, discriminations and oppressions;
  • To be aware of the reality that other women experience in the health care system;
  • To reflect on courses of action to denounce inequalities in the health care system.