Platform of Feminists Demands for the Right to the City 

As part of the Women and the City project, the TGFM has developed a platform of feminist demands for the right to the city. The right to the city is a demand to live in an environment that corresponds to our needs and realities, but also to be able to participate in its transformation. The consultation conducted in 2021 through webinars, a questionnaire and a report on housing highlighted that the right to the city is far from being achieved for Montreal women and that women's groups are committed to transforming our city and our neighbourhoods.

To synthesize the concerns and proposals, we have built a platform of demands that is also our intersectional feminist vision for the future of Montreal. Through this platform, we claim our intention to speak out on urban issues and to take concrete actions for a more inclusive and egalitarian city.

The platform is organized around 4 major themes and 10 transversal concerns. Each theme begins with some issues and concerns followed by our feminist commitment. Then, a table identifies a series of recommendations and examples of actions. The platform is neither exhaustive nor fixed. The issues, engagements, recommendations and examples of actions stem from the consultations we held. As situations evolve, our ideas for change and our feminist analysis of urban issues will as well.

The members of the Table des groupes de femmes de Montréal adopted this platform of demands on March 15, 2022 in a general assembly. 

Platform of demands in pdf accessible