Webinar: Local Businesses and Services In Tio'tià:ke/Montreal Island

The March 25, 2021 at 10:00

How can we develop lively neighbourhoods while considering accessibility and adaptations to the realities of everyone who lives there?

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One of the advantages of living in a city is having access to nearby businesses and services, which allow residents to do most of their daily activities near their homes. This isn’t the reality for all city dwellers, however, because some areas lack these services (food deserts) and because the businesses and services are not accessible or are not adapted to the realities of all women in Montreal. Currently, there are even fewer available and accessible services because of the sanitary measures in place and because of the gentrification which is driving up rent costs across the city.

The webinar will open with a panel that feature women from Montreal who are involved in economic development and the vitality of commercial arteries, but also representatives from organizations who introduce women to services that are relevant to their needs. The panel will be followed by a discussion workshop to identify the main obstacles, opportunities for demands and actions to be taken as feminists for a more inclusive city.

Duration: 2 hours



  • Valérie Ayotte from the Centre communautaire LGBTQ+ de Montréal
  • Gabriella Garbeau from the Racines bookstore
  • Sarah Ford from the West Island Women’s Centre
  • Tsahaï Papatakis from Food’elles


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