Webinar: Workplaces In Tio'tià:ke/Montreal island

The May 06, 2021 at 10:00

How can we envision the future of work from a feminist and intersectional perspective?

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Despite numerous laws, awareness campaigns and pilot projects, workplaces continue to play host to discrimination and harassment. These are dynamics which restrict access to employment and affect women’s working conditions, particularly for women who live at the intersection of multiple oppressions. The pandemic has also profoundly transformed the way we work and our working conditions; we see that its impacts on mental and physical health are far from equal. Essential service providers are under a great deal of pressure as well as daily exposure to health and safety risks. Due to the crisis, many employers made the move to remote working, with all of the challenges that entails. In sectors that were particularly affected by health measures, many people have lost their jobs and are having a hard time imagining the future.

The webinar will open with a panel that will introduce analyses and actions grounded in intersectional feminist perspectives to envision the future of work in the metropolis so that all women will have better working conditions.  The panel will be followed by a discussion to identify the main issues, opportunities for demands and actions to be taken as feminists for more inclusive workplaces.

Duration: 2 hours




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