In support of trans and non-binary communities

November 20th, 2023
Bloc text

Madame Plante,

November 20 is Trans Day of Remembrance, an annual opportunity to honour the memory of trans and non-binary people murdered as a result of anti-trans violence here and elsewhere. On this day of mourning and remembrance, it's important to highlight the rise in hatred that the anti-trans protests of recent months have brought across Canada, Quebec and Montreal.

Following last September's anti-trans demonstration in Montreal, you underlined your support for the 2SLGBTQIA+ communities with this message posted on social media :

The demonstration of hatred we saw at the anti-LGBTQ+ demonstration in Montreal is shocking and unacceptable. Trans and LGBTQ+ people deserve to live in dignity, respect and safety. This is fundamental. We will not tolerate inappropriate, discriminatory or hateful behavior towards them. Montreal is, and always will be, an open and caring metropolis.

Yet another anti-trans demonstration, organized by the same group, took place on October 21.

No matter how these demonstrations are presented, they incite hatred and violence. These people are not simply demonstrating against sexuality education, but rather against the existence of a specific community: people of sexual and gender diversity. Through misinformation tactics, this movement is attacking the fundamental rights of 2SLGBTQIA+ people and making their living conditions even more precarious than they already are.

The Table des Groupes de Femmes de Montréal (TGFM) and the Centre de Solidarité Lesbienne (CSL) are committed to the rights and safety of people of all genders and sexualities. From an intersectional feminist perspective, we recognize that trans and non-binary people experience specific oppressions due to cissexism and the systemic transphobic violence that stems from it. The anti-trans stances of recent months and calls for hatred worry our organizations, which fear for the safety of 2SLGBTQIA+ people.

Verbal assaults and physical threats against trans and non-binary people have been multiplying in the midst of general indifference since September. These anti-trans demonstrations clearly undermine the right to safety of 2SLGBTQIA+ people, as defined by the Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. Under this same charter, the City of Montreal is committed to combating all forms of discrimination, including those based on gender identity and expression, homophobia, lesbophobia and transphobia. In this sense, the TGFM and the CSL invite you, Madam Mayor, to send a clear message to the whole world by banning the next anti-trans demonstrations in Montreal, and thus make a historic gesture for our metropolis.

TGFM and CSL also encourage Montrealers to take a stand in support of trans and non-binary people. In addition to a call for mobilization on Trans Day of Remembrance, the TGFM and CSL would like to circulate the petition submitted by the Fédération autonome de l'enseignement to the National Assembly to reiterate that schools must be inclusive and safe places for all: bit.ly/3Qb76lI ; and the petition to the Government of Canada to implement the recommendations of the White Paper on the Status of Persons of Gender Diversity to achieve full equality: transequalitynow.ca/

Now more than ever, trans and non-binary women and people must stand together to demand an end to anti-trans hatred and gender-based violence. Let's stand in solidarity with all trans and non-binary people in Montreal, Quebec and Canada!


Anaïs Fraile-Boudreault, Project Manager, Table des Groupes de Femmes de Montréal

Aud Langelier, responsible  of volunteering and associative life, Centre de Solidarité Lesbienne


Supporting signatures:

Celeste Trianon, transfeminist jurist-activist, Executive Director of Juritrans

Alexandre Rainville, Executive Director, Jeunes identités créatives - Gender Creative Kids

Victoria Legault, Executive Director, Aide aux Trans du Québec (ATQ)

Laurence Perreault-Rousseau, General Coordinator, Actions Femmes et handicap

Bruce Cameron, Chairman of the Board, Gay and Grey Montréal

Jordyn River, Administrative Coordinator, Centre for Gender Advocacy

Myriad Silvergrace, non-binary community organizer, Myriad-e Productions

Root, Executive Director, LGBTQ+ Youth Coalition

Tara Chanady, Quebec Lesbian Network

Maxim-e Gosselin, intervention coordinator, Jeunesse Lambda

Osvaldo Arias, interim co-executive director, AGIR

Mariam Mannai, interim co-director, AGIR

Morgan Vallée, sociologist, secretary, AlterHéros

Lara-Maria Breton, SASSY project co-manager, AlterHeros

Audrey Mc Nicoll, admin, Jeunesse Lambda

Translated with DeepL