Report: Street Harassment of Youth: From Research to Action 

By the Centre d'éducation et d'action des femmes

To our knowledge, this action research is a first in Quebec. It is necessary to collectivize and make visible the experiences of children and teenagers who are harassed in the public space. It is rooted in the will of the CÉAF and is part of the actions it has been carrying out for over 10 years to break the silence surrounding street harassment.

This third partnership study that we are conducting, in collaboration with UQAM and with the financial support of the City, to document street harassment in Montreal from the first people involved, aims to stimulate reflections and fuel inclusive discussions that will hopefully lead to a radical change in the power relationships based on gender, age, racialization and social class, among others, that make street harassment possible, its trivialization and the unacceptable social tolerance that results from it.

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