A Real Application of the City of Montreal's Gender-Equality Policy: A Major Issue for the Next Municipal Elections 

October 01, 2017

This document was developed by the Table des groupes de femmes de Montréal to provide its members with a tool for the municipal electoral campaigns in fall 2019. The TGFM chose to take the gender-equality policy as the basis for its proposal. Promoting the Equal Involvement of Women and Men in the Montreal Community, and the state of its implementation. We hope it will encourage you and assist you in participating in debates and asking the candidates questions on the importance of gender equality in their party’s platform or in their platform as an independent candidate.

Despite the fact that the City of Montreal's gender-equality policy has needed improvement since its adoption in 2008, its implementation remains important if we are to develop a more just and democratic society. Unfortunately, there is still quite a lot to do. Equality among Montrealers cannot be reached until the City shows a real political willingness to act and its 19 boroughs take an active role in reaching this objective.

This tool:

- presents a portrait of the current situation for Montreal women;

- provides a summary of the Policy's content according to the five axes used;

- suggests questions to ask during the electoral campaign;

- proposes that your candidates sign a commitment to move toward gender equality in the City and its boroughs.

We invite you to take this document for what it is: a tool! Feel free to make use of the elements that interest you or that you consider to be the most relevant. Of course, your own experiences and expertise are the best sources of inspiration. We hope that the information provided in this document and the questions it proposes will encourage you to speak up during the municipal elections.


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