January 01, 2008

This brochure was created as part of a series of discussions and reflections for the purpose of combating anti-feminism. This project also produced a comparative analysis of feminist and masculinist discourse in Montreal's print media, a review of feminist works on anti-feminism, and a discussion group bringing together young feminist activists from diverse backgrounds.

Why is feminism subject to prejudice and stereotypes? What effects does antifeminism have on our lives and in our groups? This brochure offers help understanding anti-feminism and countering its rhetoric.

This message is intended for all of us: support workers, community organizers, researchers and feminist activists. It invites us to take action and get involved in our communities to foster a better understanding of current feminist issues. 

As part of this project, a discussion group was created to:

- ensure the renewal of feminist discourse and practices;

- increase the visibility of certain feminist groups;

- demonstrate the timeliness and relevance of feminism;

- encourage the participation and inclusion of diverse forms of expression and identity among women and feminists;

- reflect on the concept of "motherhood" and of alternative family models to the traditional patriarchal family.

This focus group was composed of feminists aged 22-34. These "young" activists come from diverse social and cultural environments. They organize "on the ground" in grassroots organizations, institutions and universities. They come from diverse backgrounds and sexual orientations. Two of them are mothers.

To create this brochure, the Table applied their understanding of feminism and anti-feminism and proposed strategies to promote a positive image for feminism. A synthesis of our work is presented here, after noting the convergence of our different research efforts, including a comparative analysis of feminist and masculinist discourse in Montreal print media (Le Devoir, La Presse, Le Métro de Montréal) and a review of feminist works on anti-feminism.


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