Corps Accord: Guide for Sexual Positivity

March 11th, 2019
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What does enthusiastic consent entail? What does sexual pleasure feel like, alone or partnered? How can desire contend with a disability or chronic illness? And how do society and culture influence how we experience sexuality? These fundamental questions often go unanswered, at a time when we most need them in order to make informed decisions. "Corps Accord" is here to break that cycle of ignorance.

Accessible, disarming and inclusive, this title is the first Quebec adaptation of the classic Our Bodies, Ourselves, whose most recent edition was published in 2011. First published in 1971,  translated into 34 languages, and re-released in new editions countless times, OBOS revolutionized the field of women's health by bringing together personal stories about women's sexuality, diverse feminist perspectives and scientific data. This veritable encyclopedia contributed to women taking back their power and knowledge of their own bodies and, to this day, remains an essential resource for every generation.

The Collective pour un ouvrage de référence participatif sur la santé féministe (the CORPS féministe) was created in 2014 with the goal of providing French-language readers with feminist knowledge on health, sexuality and the body, independent from pharmaceutical interests.

In bookstores in Quebec from March 12, 2019 and May 23, 2019 in France.

> Anatomical charts from the CORPS féministe, indispensable sexual educational tools

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