Factors Encouraging Hiring and Job Retention for Women from Cultural Communities and Immigrant Women in Montreal Women's Groups 

May 26, 2010

As part of implementing the action plan for the Quebec government's gender equality policy, adopted in 2007, the Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine du Québec signed a number of specific regional agreements. The Table, with support from Relais-femmes, submitted a project by way of the Montreal Conférence régionale des éluEs (CRÉ). Taking place over three years, this project seeks to fight discrimination experienced by women from cultural communities and immigrant women by encouraging their hiring and job retention in member groups of the Table via knowledge transfer and medium- to long-term accompaniment for the groups.

The project's specific objectives are to:

• Recognize the participation and contributions of women from cultural communities and immigrant women in the Montreal women's movement (notion of models)
• Inform and equip women's groups (knowledge transfer activities) as employers (employment integration)
• Equip women's groups so they can support and retain women who face double discrimination in employment.

This document contains the results of the project's first exploratory year in operations, providing an overall portrait of the issue of hiring and job retention among women from cultural communities and immigrant women in Montreal women's groups. In order to provide an exhaustive overview of the topic, we conducted a literature review and administered a questionnaire to our member groups, as well as multiple exploratory meetings with them. The results of these steps can be found in the document.


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