Collection and Guide: Engagement for Better Integration 

January 01, 2013

With this document, the TGFM intends to share reflections drawn from its many years of experience with community groups who share its objective of social justice. Since its foundation in 1996, the Table has applied an inclusive approach, in particular with immigrant and racialized women. This involves making use of a process that facilitates the deconstruction of prejudices (based on gender, race or class) that can interact and create barriers to finding and retaining employment for immigrant and racialized women. The goal is to more clearly identify factors that increase the likelihood of finding and retaining employment.

S’engager à mieux intégrer (“Engagement for Better Integration”) is intended for community organizations as employers and for anyone working within such an organization, whether in a leadership position or on the Board of Directors, as a human resources manager or a support worker, paid or unpaid. It goes beyond the occasional hiring of staff. There is no need to wait for a position to open within an organization to begin the process of reflection proposed by the Engagement for Better Integration guide.


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