Cost of illness: an online ressource for dealing with the financial consequences of a serious illness 

What would you do if you had a serious illness or accident and could not work for a while?

Despite the public health care system, dealing with a serious illness always has financial consequences. 

The "Costs of Illness" project has created a bilingual website to help people assess the financial impact of a critical illness and learn ways to protect themselves based on their situation.

31% of Quebec workers would not be able to meet their financial obligations if their pay was late, according to the Canadian Payroll Association. - Costs of Illness (2021). Home Page. https://costofillness.org/ 

On the site, you will discover:

1.  Your level of financial preparedness in the event of a serious illness; Cost of illness

2.  Solutions tailored to your job;

3. How to manage the financial impact of a critical illness or accident;

4.  All the useful information and resources for you or your caregivers.

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Testimonial videos

A series of testimonial videos related to the project is available on Youtube:

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The project is a partnership of Action cancer du sein du Québec with Proche aidance Québec, Relais-Femmes, CIAFT and ACEF Rive-Sud - project funded by the Autorité des marchés financiers.