Posters and Brochures #MontrealFeminists 

September 14, 2023

As part of the #MontrealFeminists campaign, we're privileged to collaborate with four talented Montreal illustrators. Maylee KeoCarolina EspinosaMaïa Faddoul and Daphnée BC have translated our feminist vision of the city into a series of colorful posters. Their works offer a refreshing perspective on the actions proposed in our platform of feminists demands for the right to the city to address the needs and realities of Montrealers in all their diversity. 

Tout le matériel est également disponible en français


Free movement for all

The poster shows several people moving with different means of transport. There's a heavier woman on a bike, a person with a cane getting off the bus, a black woman on foot, a young Asian girl on a scooter, a young black woman in a motorized wheelchair and a man with a stroller.

This poster is by Daphnée Brisson-Cardin. She is a designer and illustrator based in Tio'tia:ke / Montreal.  Her lively, colourful illustrations are inspired by empowerment, queer joy and intimacy.  

Follow her on Instagram @daphneebc 

This poster highlights diversity. The diversity of people and bodies who should be able to move around freely, but also the variety of transportation modes to which we need to pay attention for sustainable, inclusive and safe mobility for all.  

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Adequate housing for all

The poster shows a residential building under a radiant sun. Several people enter: a person in a wheelchair, a person using a cane, two young people holding hands. We see a man, a woman and a baby on the first balcony. On the second balcony, there are children and a dog. People are gardening below and on the roof. A banner with the slogan for adequate housing for all is attached to the building.This poster is by Maylee Keo. She is a 2D illustrator and animator based in Montreal. Her work is colourful, playful and animated, not unlike herself. Her values are reflected in her work, and she doesn't hesitate to share her platform with those in need. 

Follow her on Instagram @mayleekeo  and visit her website mayleekeo.com 

"This illustration represents the power of mutual aid between tenants and citizens. There's strength in numbers, and it stands out for its positive actions, working together to grow together."

Download the housing poster in pdf format

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Download the printable brochure about housing

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Neighbourhood life for all

Poster of a livable neighborhood with a breastfeeding mother reading on a blanket and queer people holding hands in the foreground, there are people in burkini playing in a pool with another in torso. Then there's an older Asian woman gardening. In the background, on the buildings, we see the slogan for neighborhood life.

This poster is by Carolina Espinosa. Born in Montreal to Latin American parents, Carolina grew up with a pencil in her hand. Drawing has always been her passion. Today, she creates illustrations for magazines, advertising agencies and several organizations. 

To follow her on Instagram @crakolina, see her illustrations or  designs  

"As a woman and mother of two daughters, I believe it's essential that our living spaces are designed with accessibility in mind." 

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No more precarity, a city for all

5 women are at the forefront of a rally. They are diverse, demanding pay equity, status for all, a sustainable income, free menstrual products and a world without harassment. In the background is the banner for a city without precariousness.This poster is by Maïa Fadoul. She is a Montreal-based illustrator and designer whose work is colourful, cheerful and often tinged with feminism. When she's not working on commercial projects, she takes pleasure in creating various illustrated products that reflect her illustrative style, all aiming to celebrate playfulness and put a smile on people's faces. 

"As an illustrator, it's really important for me to work on projects that reflect my values. A city without precarity is an environment where everyone can flourish, pursue their aspirations and participate fully in society. "

Follow her on Instagram @maiafadd or visit her website maiafaddoul.com

Download the precarity poster in pdf format

Download the precarity poster in jpeg format

Download the printable precarity brochure

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