Community Organizations and Women Experiencing Poverty in Montreal: Intersectional Needs, Practices and Issues 

November 30, 2020

This study examined intersectional practices within community organizations that work with women experiencing poverty. It focused on women who are immigrants, living with a disability, single mothers or racialized, for the purpose of understanding how these multiple elements, alongside gender, interlace to further marginalize women on an economic, social and cultural level.

The study drew from:

  1. A review of the literature, in which we provide a summary of the findings from community groups on women and poverty;
  2. Discussion groups which allowed us to bring community workers together to discuss their practices with immigrant, disabled or single-parent women;
  3. A survey of women experiencing poverty who do not use the services of community organizations, the results of which will allow us to determine outreach strategies intended to better reach this population and respond to the needs they identified.


This study was conducted by members Leila Celis (sociology, UQAM) and Audrey Dahl (education and specialized training, UQAM) with help from Laurie Gagnon-Bouchard (philosophy, UQTR) and carried out in partnership with the Table des groupes femmes de Montréal (TGFM) and the Women's Committee of the Comité des organismes sociaux de Saint-Laurent (COSSL), as part of the Service aux collectivités at UQAM.

We hope the study's results will be shared widely and that they will reach community groups, women and political decision-makers. To this end, we ask that you help us share these documents and their findings.


Online Platform and Tools for Community Groups


Online platform that presents the analysis and results of the study

Slides that present the various elements of the study


Documents in PDF format


Key takeaways from the study (PDF)

Research report (PDF)

Literature review (PDF)


Documents in WORD format


Research report (WORD)

Literature review (WORD)


If you wish to communicate with the head researchers Leila Celis and Audrey Dahl or with the research team, you can contact laurie.reqef@gmail.com.